Performance Royalties & Setlist Registration

Performance rights cover the royalties for the public performance of a  music composition, which includes all public  broadcasting of a work, including terrestrial radio, music played in  bars and clubs, television broadcasting, and of course, music streaming.


Mechanical royalties

A mechanical license generates royalties for the mechanical playback of a musical composition. CDs, mp3s, toys, video games,  ringtones and music streaming are all examples of media that generate  mechanical royalties. Mechanical licenses are also the method by which  artists are legally allowed to sell recordings of cover songs.

An individual that “covers” the music of another writer can legally  do so by paying a mechanical license fee to the original composer. This  is called a compulsory mechanical license. It is compulsory  because it forces the composer to allow the composition to be used, even  for commercial work, as long as the party covering their music is  willing to pay the full fee for the license.


Micro Sync royalties


Payments made on the synchronization of music with a moving image  typically in videos and user-generated content. Depending on where these  uses occur, they can generate both performance and mechanical  royalties. A television broadcast, for example, generates performance  royalties, while a monetized YouTube video will generate performance and  mechanical royalties.


Non-interactive streaming royalties

Unlike a permanent download or interactive/on-demand streams of sound  recordings, non-interactive streams are not paid to your distributor.  Webcasters and digital services that broadcast recordings over the  Internet (e.g. Pandora, iHeart Radio), cable (e.g. Music Choice), and  satellite (e.g. SiriusXM) in radio-style programming where the end  users/listeners have limited to no control over the selection of music  (non-interactive) pay a royalty for the digital performance of sound  recordings.




Artist / Songwriter from Vallejo, CA. Signed to E-40's Sick Wid It Records. 

Chris christopher


Chris Christopher is one of Northern California’s underground hip hop artists who is seeking to disrupt whats going on in the cannabis and music worlds through sheer passion.

His first debut album THC.

With Chris Christopher’s “THC” the album, the music will hold weight  over time, with all the production handled by Mob Figaz super producer  RobLo, the album hits home to California’s local weed and music scenes,  and is celebrated with an all star cast of some of the most beloved and  respected California artists in the industry. Not to mention being  presented by one of the Bay Area’s most respected producers, Rob Lo.

dave steezy


Dave Steezy is an Artist/Songwriter from Berkeley, CA.  He is known for being part of the HBK Gang, or  Heartbreak Kids, Gang. He released a solo album called Fashionably Late  in 2015 and followed it with Aesthetically Place in 2016.

HBK Gang was formed in 2008  and started released music in 2010. He was featured on their first  album, 2013’s Gang Forever. He’s created a fanbase through social media,  with more than 20,000 people following him on Instagram.



Artist / Songwriter from Oakland, CA Rapper who is known for his variety of music and tracks both as  features and singles. Beginning as a part of several groups including Rude Boyz and HBR  Click, he began his own solo career in 2009 with the release of his  first single and eventually led to his first feature length LP in 2010. 

He has worked with several labels so far including Town Thizzness label and in 2015 he became a part of Rude Boy Entertainment.

Jane Handcock


Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Jane Handcock (née Myariah Summers) has been developing her multifaceted talents since the age of 3. She went on to attend the reputed Oakland School for the Arts, further solidifying how she was destined to pursue a creative path.

Jane began to hone her songwriting abilities and collaborate with other artists, including close friend and writing partner, Adrian Marcel. While working on 7 Days of Weak, Marcel's debut project for Universal Republic, Jane began extending her network, going on to capture the attention and mentorship of GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter and producer Raphael Saadiq, who later famously dubbed her as a "musical medium," noting her mercurial ability to translate raw emotions into vibrant, honest and polished lyricism.

After earning her stripes as a songwriter through her work with Marcel, including penning his breakout hit "2 AM," Jane notably extended her client list to include a slew of household names, such as Kelly Rowland (landing a career-defining placement on her 2013 solo album Talk A Good Game), Tyrese, Big K.R.I.T., Keke Palmer, Rick Ross, Tank, Dr. Dre, Ma$e and Warren G, among others, with her work ethic and drive leading her to work with famed producers such as Blackstreet's Teddy Riley, Justice League, Harmony Samuels, James Fauntleroy, 1500 or Nothin, Sir Dylan and Polow tha Don.



Richmond, CA-based hardcore rapper Laroo the Hard Hitter first surfaced as a guest on C-BO's Til My Casket Drops. His solo debut, Fear No Fate, followed later in 1998

paidro classic


Artist / Songwriter & Fashion Designer from Oakland, CA, Oliwjuan Marisett “Paidro Classic” also known as Olskoo or LeeSkee of "Da Blocknocs"(now Real Repty) is a talented upcoming rapper from East Oakland, CA. At the age of seventeen Paidro was always involved with music as a kid, but really became involved with music when a friend of his "forced" him to rap on a beat he made, after he snapped his wrist in the eleventh grade while playing basketball."That's when he decided to take music seriously".
dedicated to the craft Paidro linked up early on with his cousins Killa Fresh(RR) and
Chippass of the NhT Boyz, and other friends to create a new wave. While NhT, the group Da Blocknocs(RR) with brother Killa Fonte have released 3 mixtapes including Guard Ya Face,the Lost Tape and Da Blocknoc Life w/DJ Phyia, booking their own local shows all over the bay area, and pushing quality videos, they quickly made a buzz.
Although still a group the two have spent time focusing on their solo careers. Paidro has been on a Feat mixtape with Feezydisabangah called "Welcome To The Banga Block presents: Respect Is Taken Not Given"(2013),"OlSkoo 51/50(2013)"and project "Fly Shit Only 1 (2015) After being incarcerated 2015, I came back with FSO2 while being on shows with Mistah Fab and Chippass on tour before being incarcerated again... After sitting down for a yr , Paidro made a change, started his clothing brand PURE, and released a body of music within the last couple yrs.. 51/50, Alone make You Strong, Recognize Royalty, FSO 3, and GOAT...



Music Producer from Oakland, CA.

priceless da roc


Bay Area rapper/dancer Priceless Da ROC was born  in 1988 in Lompoc, California. Born into a military household, he spent  his childhood moving around a lot, spending his formative years in  California; Jamaica, Queens, New York; and Washington, D.C. After  finishing high school, Sims moved to Los Angeles to pursue a rap career, but was quickly  sidetracked and spent some time homeless and involved in crime before  returning to D.C. to get his life back together. He sharpened his focus  on music and eventually made his way to San Francisco, where he became  involved with the fertile Bay Area hip-hop scene. Sims was highly self-sufficient, recording and mastering his own music,  editing his own videos, and basically running a one-person show. He  gained some regional acclaim for developing a popular new dance style  that came to be known as "Yiken" or later "J12" as it morphed. In 2013  he released the single "Yiken (Certified)" and its accompanying video,  which would go on to be viewed millions of times. After a string of  singles, he offered up the Forever California mixtape in 2015, followed by All Hail the Turn Up in 2017.



Richmond, California’s Skipper has proven himself to be the secret  weapon within the storied Heartbreak Gang that also includes Iamsu!,  Sage The Gemini, Kehlani, P-Lo, Jay Ant, and others. He collaborated as  part of Loverance’s #2 Rap chart hit “UP!” and the HBK Gang’s “Never  Goin’ Broke,” which has nearly 10 million streams on YouTube and  Spotify, respectively. This energy redefined the young Cali sound. After  being a crucial part of his clique, Skipper and his laid-back,  relatable style gears up for his latest project, Beast Up Vol. 2, due  this fall.

After two Fader-acclaimed volumes of W.E.T. and 2015’s The Thrill,  Skipper fine-tuned his skills and message. “I have this unique  perspective and mentality of ‘keeping it player.’ That’s my thing. It  means not letting things get to you and having a level head and state of  mind in all you do. Be strong, and don’t be afraid, especially to be  yourself.” That mantra translates to Skipper’s videos, including “That’s  My Word,” which approaches 1 million views. It finds the ambassador of  the ShmopLife lifestyle movement in his environment. He easily adapts to  all situations.

Skipper campaigns with a distinct sound, style, and message that all can  feel. “Keeping it player” goes presidential to as this versatile voice  aims to be one of Rap’s commanders.

st spittin


ST Spittin (S - T - Spittin ) born Sterling Avery, out of Oakland,  California, got into entertainment as an original turf dancer with the  architeckz / Animaniakz dance team.

He quickly developed his skill set a prolific artist and performer  becoming a member of the Bay Area based music group “ $hmoplife/ HBK  gang”. Sharing the stage and mic with Kool John, Iamsu, P-Lo, E-40,  Berner, Mistah FAB, G-Eazy, San Quinn and many others.

He later became a host on the Number 1 cannabis entertainment show in  California “ Loaded Up Ent “. And made an appearance in the block buster  hit “ Blindspotting”. ST Spittin, makes a living through his  music/acting/ performances and considers himself to be both an artist  and businessman.

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